Centre for Wellbeing

The Beat Centre for Wellbeing is based in the heart of Dunedin City on Vogel. Digital clinic services are offered New Zealand wide. 

Feeling called to a holistic natural care approach that’s safe, scientific and reconnects you with your most vibrant self? 

We offer a Vitalistic Living Package that includes 1 x 90 minute initial session and 2 x 60 minute follow ups. This is to ensure your needs are met and you are supported on your path to wellness.

Once booked and prior to us meeting - either online or face to face you will be sent an detailed questionnaire and health history, there will be some food intake questions included.

In our initial session we fill in the gaps and figure out your goals and how I can best help you, I may suggest further testing. Together we will craft a Vitality Plan that is personalised for you. Our follow up sessions ensure you are supported on your path.

My style combines modern science with traditional healing wisdom and has roots in biochemistry, physiology, nutrition, medicinal herbalism and a love of nourishing kai. 

Where ever you are on your journey you will be met with respect and be guided holistically to attain your desired state of health. 


Our clinic offers services for the following 

- General well being
- Energy and vitality support 
- Hormone Balance (all ages)
- Pregnancy and preconception nutritional support 
- Holistic stress and sleep support 
- Natural Concussion Protocol
- Immune system support
- Natural emotional therapies for anxieties and depression
- Digestive Support
- Detox and skin health

Initial sessions

Are 1.15 hours of contact time, you are encouraged to partake in your digital session in a quiet, comfortable and safe setting. The 2 hour window indicated with the booking page represents the additional ‘behind the scenes’ research I conduct on your behalf ensuring that the protocol we develop and work with is the best available option for your needs. 


Follow up sessions
Are ~45 minutes long. In these sessions we evaluate how your progress is going, address any questions, develop knowledge on the underlying factors contributing to your health and make any adjustments needed.

The number of follow up sessions required depends on your individual wellbeing needs the usual is 2-4 sessions. 

Wellbeing session fees are exclusive of herbs and supplements