Naturopathy 1:1

Naturopathy 1:1

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Digital clinic services are offered New Zealand wide. 

What goes on in a well being session? 

First and foremost it is a conversation led by you surrounding any questions, concerns or goals you have relating to your health, vitality and well-being.

Prior to your initial session you will receive our intake form which outlines where you are at and where you would like to go. This acts as the foundation for the initial well-being session and is treated with utmost respect and privacy. There will be some questions regarding your physical and emotional history, your experience with natural healing therapies as well as some questions relating to your diet and life styles. 

We will work together to form a personalised better-health plan that is right for you, you will be guided and supported to make small steady changes to elevate your health, happiness and vitality. 

Our clinic offers services for the following 

- General well being
- Energy and vitality support 
- Hormone Balance and natural nourishment (all ages)
- Holistic stress and sleep support 
- Natural Concussion Protocol
- Immune resilience 
- Natural emotional therapies : support for anxiety and depression
- Digestive Support
- Detox and skin health

Initial sessions can take up to 1.15 hours, and you are encouraged to partake in your digital session in a quiet, comfortable and safe setting.


Your follow up sessions

The number of follow up sessions required depends on your individual wellbeing needs the usual is 2-4 sessions